August 29, 2018

Staying Safe in London

Whether you are from another area in the UK or a different country entirely, London is an expansive place with its own culture, heritage and lingo. As with any trip, preparation is key when visiting the capital for business – particularly if you are alone. As such, you must pay close attention to your choice of accommodation and personal safety when you’re out and about to ensure a safe stay in the City.

Following on from last month’s article, which looked into finding the ideal serviced apartment for a business executive staying in London, this post focuses solely on the safety measures which should be taken during a stint in this metropolis.

Personal safety

First and foremost, it’s imperative to make yourself familiar with the relevant emergency contact numbers you require in the event of an emergency. These are:

  • 999 or 112 for the police, ambulance or fire department
  • 101 for non-urgent crimes

Should you notice that a bag has been left unattended in a public area, you must alert the authorities immediately. Likewise, never leave your bag unattended yourself as you may create a cause for concern.

When walking round the city on your own, it’s important to have your wits about you. Wearing headphones with loud music can limit your awareness of your surroundings which can make you vulnerable to crime or traffic accidents.

Whilst it can be tempting to wander around following the GPS on your phone, it can make the item an easy target for muggers. Try to keep your valuable items concealed as much as possible; keep your purse or wallet close to you and stay alert when using a cashpoint by checking that no-one is peering over your shoulder and covering the keypad when entering your pin.

When visiting any bars and restaurants during your stay, do not accept any drinks from strangers and keep your drink with you at all times – do not leave it unattended. After a night out, notify the people you were with that you got home safely and remember to check in on them, too. The London safety app is an easy way to stay safe and connected to your friends and family in and around the city – all you need to do is check in to let others know that you’re OK or that you need help. It also features all of the emergency contact numbers you would need and directions to your closest Safety Spot.


If you are a PA booking accommodation on behalf of your business executive, you must carefully consider the safety measures in place to protect guests. When it comes to serviced apartments, there are a plethora of options available which can create a safer environment for people to stay in. These include:

  • Safety deposit box in the room for valuable belongings
  • Secure entry system for restricted access into the building
  • Concierge service to book transportation and make reservations
  • 24 hour reception/security

Close proximity of the apartments to local amenities and transport links will also improve safety levels, as it limits the distance guests will need to travel on their own, particularly late at night.

Travelling around in London

This leads us on nicely to tips when using public transport when travelling across London. Make sure you have planned your route before you leave so that you know exactly where you need to be and the times you need to be there. Take a look at the Transport for London site to find out everything you need to know when it comes to public transport in the city.

If you find yourself in a hurry or you want a convenient way to travel, make sure you only use taxis or registered minicabs – if you are unsure whether a private hire driver, vehicle or operating centre is licensed, simply use the TFL licence checker. If you are visiting London from another country, it’s worth noting that vehicles drive on the left-hand side, so make sure you only cross the road when the green man is showing and take note of the relevant signs to highlight any oncoming traffic.


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If you require some helpful tips to become accustomed to London life during your visit, take a look at our London Survival Kit.