October 7, 2021

Simplify Your Travels

When it comes to going away, whether for business or leisure, investing a bit of time before the trip to plan everything out can really pay dividends in terms of lowering your stress levels. Here it comes: our quick, takeaway guide to take the stress out of travelling!

Simplify your travels: infographic with ideas to reduce stress when travelling

1. Photocopy you passport

If you’re coming from abroad, this is a great security precaution in case your passport gets lost, damaged or stolen. Your consulate will usually be able to help you quicker this way.

2. Plan your itinerary

Excel is your friend here! Plan out a detailed itinerary of the things that you’d like to do while you’re away. You may want to have a look at our things to do in London guide. Also, consult publications like Time Out London to find an up to date list of events plus details of restaurants and museums or galleries.

You can then plan your travel around this.

3. Hire a car in advance

It can seem like hiring a car when you get there is the easier option, but you’ll usually get a better deal in advance.

Plus, you’ll be able to research which companies are reputable.

4. Shop around for the best flights

Flights are one of the biggest costs of going away – shopping around can really rake a lot of money off.

Comparison sites, such as Kayak or Skyscanner, have great functionality to find the  most convenient flights at the best rates. If you’re seeking a good deal early, you can also often create price alerts to monitor price changes over time.

5. Hotel vs serviced apartment

This won’t come as a surprise but we strongly recommend looking at serviced apartments rather than a hotel stay.

A serviced apartment will offer privacy and often will save you money, while providing conveniences similar to a hotel.

Have a look at all our serviced apartment locations and especially serviced apartments for corporate visits. You may also be interested in finding the best luxury serviced apartments.

6. Organise yourself with a folder

Once you’ve sorted everything about your trip out, get a folder and print out the detail of your trip, including all reservations and confirmations so you’re sorted even if you run out of battery after a long day of taking photos.

You’ll be surprised out how much stress this will remove from your trip!

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