July 26, 2019

Serviced Apartments: Improving Corporate Travel

Travelling, even at the best of times, can be a tiring affair. If you have a project-based accommodation requirement in Central London for less than 6 months this can be almost impossible to source.

If you’re booking on behalf of a business executive, it can be tricky finding premium accommodation that remains within budget. A nice hotel may boost their spirits, but are you truly getting the best bang for your buck? Many people remain unaware of the alternative option, one that provides greater relaxation, more amenities — all for an affordable price. We’re talking about serviced apartments, the increasingly popular choice for optimum corporate travel.

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What is a serviced apartment and how does it differ from a hotel?

A serviced apartment aims to replicate home life. It offers all the homely comforts, including a living area and a kitchen, to provide the most authentic home-away-from-home experience. 

When you return to your serviced apartment after a long day, you can kick off your shoes, relax on the sofa and enjoy a number of entertainment amenities — from Smart TVs to DVDs and games consoles (subject to availability at each property). When you’re ready, you can cook yourself a meal in the kitchen and enjoy it on the dining table — perhaps with a friend or business partner. Many apartments come equipped with a dishwasher in the kitchen area too. 

But serviced apartments aren’t without their luxuries. Your apartment will normally be cleaned weekly (for high-end accommodation this may increase to daily cleaning).  You’ll receive fresh sheets and fresh towels, plus all the extra amenities, such as shampoos, soaps and conditioners on arrival. For added convenience, a washer-dryer is usually found in the apartment, or alternatively, communal laundry facilities in the smaller more compact apartments. Many of the serviced apartment properties also have a gym for residents.

Hotels, by contrast, are limited in what they offer. Typically, a hotel room — even a more premium one — provides a bed, a TV, a kettle, a phone and little else. You aren’t free to live how you would at home; you can’t cook your own meals or lounge around without fear of being interrupted by intrusive cleaning staff. With a serviced apartment, you get familiarity, comfort, but most importantly: freedom.

luxury london apartments


It all sounds great, but does it come at a price? Incredibly, staying at a serviced apartment is usually more cost-effective than staying at a hotel of similar quality. 

An average 4* Hotel in either the West End or City of London can be between £250-£300 + VAT per night – depending on the time of year, however, a one-bedroom apartment can be booked from as little as £180 + VAT per night.  Hotels charge per night, so you’ll always receive a compounded rate. Serviced apartments, in contrast, offer flexible rates for longer stays – the longer the stay the cheaper the rate!, Find London Apartments will always negotiate a discount to corporate clients.


Amenities and savings

Not only are the amenities more abundant in a serviced apartment, but they’ll also reduce your expenditure. Instead of shelling out on expensive restaurant food, you have the option to buy produce from the local supermarket and cook it in your apartment. Instead of seeking entertainment from cinemas or elsewhere, you have an array of entertainment options from the comfort of your sofa. Of course, visiting a nice restaurant or attending a night out can be part of the agenda too, but unlike hotels, serviced apartments give you budget-friendly alternatives.


Being in the serviced apartment sector for over 30 years, we understand the importance of staying in an environment which is safe, relaxing and easily accessible to your office. As a totally independent agency, we have vetted all the properties we represent so that we can match up the apartment with the client, to offer the most suitable and best choice value for the corporate traveller.

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