August 4, 2014

London: The Billionaire’s Playground

London has been a wealth magnet for years. The allure of the capital has proven irresistible in recent years and London now sits comfortably at the top of financial prestige, with the most billionaires in the world choosing to reside in the city. This infographic from Find London Apartments takes a look at why they are choosing London more than ever before.

Here are the facts:

london-wealth-graphicLondon is home to the highest number of billionaires in the world per capita and is known worldwide as a wealth magnet.

Wealth in London

  • 104 billionaires
  • 4,224 multi-millionaires (0.05% of London’s population)
  • 281,000 millionaires (3.43% of London’s population)

In the UK, for every 607,693 residents there is one billionaire. (this is the highest billionaire per capita ration in the world)

Richest UK Residents

  • £11.9 billion
    The Hinduja brothers
  • £10.7 billion
    Alisher Usmanov
  • £10.3 billion
    The Mittal family

£519 billion

The 1,000 wealthiest people in Britain hold £519 billion in assets. That’s equivalent to 3.3% of UK GDP.

£1.7 billion

The amount you need to be within the top 50 richest people in Britain.

£85 million

The amount you need to get onto The Sunday Times Rich List.

Financial Powerhouse

The GDP of London eclipses that of Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland.

And the number of billionaires relocating to London continues to grow, year on year.

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