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city-of-londonIf you are in need of serviced apartments in the City of London, look no further than Find London Apartments. Robert Arnold and Polly Fletcher are proud to offer a varied selection of City of London serviced apartments, whether you would like a luxury apartment or some accommodation that is more appropriate for a smaller budget. As born and bred Londoners, Polly and Robert are able to provide you with City of London apartments that suit your every need, taking great care to meet all requirements, from the location of the accommodation to the apartment itself. If you would like to know more, get in touch with Robert Arnold and Polly Fletcher today and they will be happy to arrange viewing appointments for you.

Clarendon Apartments at Artillery Lane

Another addition to the Clarendon portfolio – Clarendon at Artillery Lane is smartly situated in a small street just off Bishopsgate. Liverpool Street mainline and underground station can be found...

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